DR Oz Whats Your DNA Diet The Perfect Diet For Your Genes

MONDAY - APRIL 5, 2010
DNA Diets; Happiness Intervention-Debbie Downer; Eye Degeneration
Dr. Oz analyzes how your DNA can determine your dieting success. Does the blueprint of your body hold the key to a healthier life? Crack the diet code. Learn how your DNA may be the secret to weight-loss success. 28-Day Challenge: Happiness Intervention. Get in touch with your positive side. Find Happiness Now Dr. Oz has a 28-day plan How eyes change over 40-The Smooth See Drink. Snack smack-down: The three foods Dr. Oz wants out of your kitchen. Dr Oz 3 unhealthiest Foods To Get Out Of Your Kitchen That are High in sodium, sugar and calories.

David Katz and Keri Glassman joins Dr Oz today to Find out whether a low-fat, low-carb or balanced diet can help you lose weight. Discussed today was how diets work and not work for some people and work for others, and how your genetic dispostion could be hindering you from losing weight.

Stanford University looked at the long-term effects of weight loss using a few different diets assigned at random. Results showed that some participants lost weight on one type of diet, such as low-fat, while others did not. The study then tested participants’ DNA for 3 specific gene variations and found that those using the best diet for their DNA lost as much as 2 ½ times more weight than those not using their best DNA diet.

This genetic testing is called Nutrigenomics, Nutrigenomics is the link between genes and nutrition,” says David Katz. He went to say It makes sense because our genes control hormone levels, enzyme levels – all the basic levels of metabolism. And how we metabolize food determines what happens to the nutrients and calories we take in.”

Dr Ken Kornman says this DNA testing is available and costs 149.00. You don't have to take a DNA test to determine your best diet. Keri Glassman says there are “Physical measures; the things you see in the mirror, clinical measures; simple tests you get at a yearly check-up, and also symptomatic measures, ways you’re feeling physically or emotionally.” This Revolutionary science reveals the best diet to fit your personal DNA makeup. Find out whether a low-fat, low-carb or balanced diet can help you lose weight.

The Perfect Diet For Your Genes

Dr Oz tells us how to tell your own DNA without DNA tests with these 3 DNA based diets.

The 3 DNA diets are; low-fat, low-carb and balanced diet, and how to determine which may be best DNA Diet for your genetic makeup. He had people on stage broken up into three groups.

Nickki's Group

Dr Oz Low-Fat Diet

May be best for your DNA if you have:
1. Heart disease in your family
2. Low energy levels
3. High LDL cholesterol

A low-fat diet can provide weight loss and protect you from diseases you’re predisposed to. Avoid fatty foods, refined sugars and carbohydrates; they can make you feel lethargic. For best energy, eat low-fat carbs, including whole grains like quinoa, or legumes, like black beans. Choose monounsaturated fats like olive oil and avocado to improve your HDL cholesterol.

Low-Fat Diet Proportions Basics
Consume no more than 77 grams of fat per day

DR Oz Recommended Low Fat recipes are -
1. Berry Creamy Quinoa Parfait
2. Chickpea and Cauliflower Curry

Portion breakdown
70% carbs
15% protein
15% fat

Try Broccoli, veggies, sweet potatoes and veggie burgers.

Denise's Group

Dr Oz Low-Carb Diet

May be best for your DNA if you have:
1. Weight around your midsection
2. High blood pressure
3. High triglycerides

If your waist is greater than 35 inches, you’re at risk for heart disease, gall bladder disease and diabetes. You may be insulin resistant, which means you have difficulty processing sugar. By losing 10% of your body weight, you can also lower your blood pressure. Choose lean healthy proteins and limit the amount of carbs, especially refined white foods like starchy potatoes and bread. Try Salmon and Veggies.

Low-Carb Diet Proportions Basics
Consume between 20-60 grams of carbs a day

Portion breakdown:
30% carbs
40% fat
30% protein
Dr Oz recommended low-carb recipes are -
1. Veggie & Cheddar Mini-Quiches
2. Sage-Crusted Chicken Tenders & Crispy Kale “Chips”
3. Turkey “Lasagna”

Dr Oz went on to say that when you cut down on the carbs and after burning off the sugars, you start to burn off the fat and it melts away.

Lori's Group

Dr Oz DNA Balanced Diet

May be best for your DNA if you have:
1. Family history of diabetes or heart disease
2. Mediterranean ethnicity
3. Frequent indigestion or constipation
“If it was good enough for your parents, it’s good enough for you,” says Dr. Katz. “That’s the real power of nutrigenetics. It reminds us of the importance of our heritage.” For example Scandinavians do very well consuming dairy because they are lactose tolerant, whereas, many Native Americans and Chinese are lactose intolerant.

Balanced Diet Proportions Basics
Portion breakdown
50% carbs
30% fat
20% protein

DR Oz balanced diet recipes -
1. Salmon With Raspberry Balsamic Glaze

2. Spiced Applesauce Pancakes

Lastly, Dr. Katz adds, “These diets all work. It’s a simple amount of calories consumed versus calories spent. The testing gives us a very interesting tool to potentially know what diet works best for you. But we already know the tools that can protect us from so many diseases – heart disease, cancer, diabetes. It’s eating more fruits and vegetable and less processed foods, and regular exercise.”

Dr Oz And Debbie Downer

The Dr Oz 28 Day Challenge to get Happy and stay happy begins today with Debbie Downer. Debbie is not depressed she just sees things in a negative way all the time. As she says the glass is always half empty instead of half full. Dr oz says you can be happy in 28 days. Sonya Lyubomirsky joined Dr Oz in this segment of the show explaining the consequences of unhappy, negative emotions and how they can invade your professional and personal relationships, and erode your self-esteem. How to get rid of the negativity by focusing on what makes you happy.

Dr Oz 4 Steps 4 Weeks Plan To Being Happy

Week 1: Keep a Daily Diary; Identify the daily activities, situations and people that make you happiest, then and slowly begin to increase the frequency of those tasks which make you happiest.

Week 2: Fake It Till You Make It; Dr Oz says this week, you are going to put a smile on your face even if you’re feeling blue. You will seem more approachable and happy to others, we experience positive emotions more frequently than negative ones, but negative emotions are unfortunately stronger.

Week 3: Create a Diversion; Dr Oz says when you find yourself drowning in a sea of negative thoughts you need to find a strategy to stop ruminating. One easy thing he told Debbie to do when she starts ruminating is to keep an elastic band around her wrist and start snapping it when it happens. Finds things to do you enjoy, instead of what is going on in your own mind.

Week 4: Random Acts of Kindness; The fourth week of your happiness action plan, you are going to commit 1 random act of kindness a day. With small acts of kindness, you will perceive yourself and others more positively.

Dr Oz Improve Your Vision

In the video below Dr Oz explains how as we age our vision deteriorates as we age, and our eyes get weaker. A condition called Presbyopia is a health condition where the eye exhibits a progressively diminished ability to focus on near objects with age. Our eyesight starts to deteriorate at birth; the vision of a 2-year-old child is better than that of an 8-year-old and so on. Learn how to preserve your vision with these tips from Dr. Oz, including an eye-strenghtening exercise using your finger for focusing. Once we hit our late thirties and into our 40's and 50's we are ready for glasses. Dr Oz shows us a exercise for our eyes plus the Smooth See Drink that will benefit our vision. This Dr Oz Green drink for eyesight was delicious to Dr Oz but not for Simone.

Dr Oz Smooth See Concoction For Your Eyes


Green Peppers
Flaxseed Oil
Lemon Juice
Little Salt
Little Cayenne Pepper

Dr Oz said it can also help with Retinal problems of the eyes as well.

Dr Oz Get Unhealthy Foods Out Of The Kitchen
The 3 unhealthiest foods to get out of your kitchen in Dr Oz's Smack Down game were;

In the high Sodium foods such as Bologna, chicken noodle soup, potato chips, and pretzels - Get rid of the Chicken Noodle Soup it has 840 grams of sodium in it.

In the unhealthiest High Sugar Foods were foods - Candy bar, Cereal Bar, Apple Juice, and a frozen fudge bar. Throw out the apple juice, it has 24 grams of sugar.

The last unhealthiest group was High Calorie Snacks - Popcorn, Blueberry Muffin, Fruit Smoothie, and Tuna Salad. Throw out the Tuna Salad it has 383 calories.