Dr Oz The Warning Signs Of Bloating 3 Causes Of Toxic Bloating

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Dr. Oz identifies three toxic conditions indicated by bloating. Students participating in Dr. Oz's HealthCorps program kick-start a School Challenge to get healthy. Flaking Out: The dirt behind dandruff. Healthy cookie cooking with Chef Rocco Dispirito.

Dr Oz Toxic Bloating

Enzymes process sugars, protein, and fat and help your body absorb them. If large molecules of food survive that step, they arrive in the large intestine (colon) where bacteria finish the job. As they work, those bacteria release gas and your intestines become distended, you could feel overly full and crampy.

Learn when this common symptom could be a sign of something serious. What seems like a harmless nuisance is a classic symptom of some of the most dangerous diseases that strike women. How do you know if what you’re feeling is a case of indigestion or a warning sign that something is seriously wrong with your health?

Bloating caused by use of sorbitol and fructose that are not easily digested in the small intestine, declining levels of exercise (which helps keep the gut working properly), and a loss of helpful intestinal bacteria due to the overuse of some antibiotics is uncomfortable, but harmless.

Dr Robun Chutkan joined Dr Oz today along with Madonna, Patricia and Stephanie. Dr Oz shocked us with what these 3 women thought was ordinary bloating.

Stephanie had terrible symptoms of bloating and pain like a knife sticking between her ribs since she was a teenager. As she got older the pain moved lower, and was always bloated, and whenever she had her period she would be doubled over in misery. One Specialist thought her Uterus was the problem, and desperate for relief she agreed to having a hysterectomy, when she really had Diverticulitis...Read More!

Patricia suffered from bloating for over 10 years, and was diagnosed with almost every gastrointestinal disorder out there, along with being diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and Colitis. Fried foods, junk foods and even salads would send her to the bathroom. when she really had Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth. (Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) refers to a condition in which abnormally large numbers of bacteria (at least 100,000 bacteria per ml of fluid) are present in the small intestine and the types of bacteria in the small intestine resemble more the bacteria of the colon than the small intestine. Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) is also known as small bowel bacterial overgrowth (SBBO).)

Madonna started feeling strange one day while on vacation with her husband. Out of nowhere she says she became very bloated and uncomfortable. Her symptoms only got worse when they returned home. Within a week she couldn't fit into any of her clothes. Her Doctor scheduled an Ultra Sound but she would have to wait two months. Madonna ballooned to the point that couldn't walk and she looked 9 months pregnant, then her husband rushed her to the emergency room. She had Ovarian Cancer!

Dr Chutkan explained why women who have Ovarian Cancer has bloating. Bloating that is persistent where you notice your abdominal girth where your waistline is expanded and it's not going down could be a sign that there is a mass there. It can be Ovarian Cancer, it can also be Colon Cancer or Uterine Cancer. There is an actual mass pressing on the bowels causing things to expand. Hormonal changes with Ovarian Cancer can contribute to the boating too, so there are two ways that can work.

Dr Oz 3 Ways Your Bloating Can Be Toxic

Bloating warning signs - The 3 signs of toxic bloating

1. Diverticulitis

When the large intestine does its work (squeezing bowel movements through the body and out), sometimes the lining is pushed out into little pouches, creating a condition called diverticulosis. If fecal matter gets waylaid in those pouches, an infection can set in causing diverticulitis, a much more serious condition. Once an infection has begun in your intestine, there is a risk it can rupture into your abdominal cavity and cause a life-threatening infection.

Symptoms of Diverticulosis

Diverticulosis may not progress to diverticulitis and cause a problem, and it often does not have symptoms. But these signs may indicate that you have diverticulosis and are therefore more prone to diverticulitis.
Difficulty achieving a complete bowel movement
Frequent bowel movements that are pellet-shaped
Cramping in the lower left quadrant of your abdomen (not severe)

Symptoms of Diverticulitis

In addition to the symptoms of diverticulosis, signs of diverticulitis include
Severe pain (the kind that makes you wonder if you should go to the emergency room)
Bloating that persists for weeks at a time rather than being intermittent
Blood in your stool

2. Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth

Your small intestine absorbs the nutrients from food through villi, small projections on the intestinal wall. If bacteria grow in your small intestine (where it normally doesn’t hang out) they can destroy villi, blocking the absorption of nutrients. Then larger pieces of food once again find their way to the small intestine where those gas-producing bacteria go to work on them, and, bingo, you’ve got bloating and diarrhea.

Symptoms of Bacterial Overgrowth

Bloating, particularly after meals
Bacterial growth in the large intestine isn’t widely understood in the medical community, so you may have to ask your doctor to look for it. Some offices will have breath tests that detect the presence of bacteria or they can sample fluid from the small intestine and analyze it.

3. Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer used to be called the silent killer, because it exhibits few symptoms until it has progressed to an untreatable state. But doctors now recognize that if you listen carefully, the disease whispers a few warning signs. A recent article in the British Medical Journal found that bloating is the most predictive one. When ovaries turn cancerous they often swell, causing a swelling in the belly that resembles bloating. Hormonal changes that occur during ovarian cancer can also cause bloating. One in 40 times bloating will mean ovarian cancer.

What are the Symptoms Of Ovarian Cancer?

Significant changes in your menstrual cycle
Persistent bloating (especially if your girth increases and does not go down)
Postmenopausal bleeding
Frequent urination
Rectal bleeding

The Bottom Line on Bloating
If you experience any of the following symptoms with bloating (or experience bloating that lasts longer than a week), make an appointment with your doctor to get thoroughly checked out:
A change in bowel habits
Weight loss
Blood in your stool

Dr Oz talked with a studio audience member who has been cancer free from Ovarian Cancer for 5 years, and other signs and symptoms for Ovarian Cancer. The 3 biggies were Boating, Pain in the abdomen and or pelvic area, not just where the ovary is. The third symptom was a different style of eating food, you feel like your already full sooner than normal, and foods aren't agreeing with you anymore.

Dr Oz Teen Health Challenge

Dr. Oz goes back to school to fight teen obesity –a national problem that has reached epidemic proportions. Along with his HealthCorps team, Dr. Oz is committed to getting America’s teens back on the right track. Learn what you and your family can do to make better food and lifestyle choices.

Meet a group of students from Brooklyn, New York’s New Utrecht High School.

Jake Ross Health Corps Coordinator joins Dr Oz in the next segment of the show The Dr Oz School Challenge 60 Day Plan For Teens. Teen obesity is on the rise, and DR Oz challenged 6 Utrecht High School Students to a be a part of the 60 Day Challenge.

Isaira, Christian, Dariana, Yasmin, Anastasia, and Carlos are ready to begin.

The 4-step plan For The Nations Kids Are;

1. Exercise - 10,000 steps a day which will be everyday after school
2. Breakfast Oath - Whole Wheat/Whole Grain breads with real peanut butter, Greek yogurt and fruit.
3. Lunch - If your going to have a cheeseburger skip the cheese and have it on a whole grain/whole wheat bun, or try the veggie burger with a side of green salad. Try a whole grain wrap with protein.
4. Snack Swap out - Skip the soda's and have flavoured seltzer water instead, swap the potato chips with whole grain pretzels. Have Bags of fruits - Dr Oz had packaged fruits individual servings by Chiquita. (Dried Apples, etc.)

The Dr Oz School Challenge

Watch the Dr Oz School Challenge Video's and you and your family can take the Healthy Food Challenge Too.

Rocco Disirito Triple Chocolate Chip Cookie

Chef Rocco Dispirito joined Dr Oz today with his Triple Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe. There is no flour and no sugar in this Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe, and only 1.4 grams of fat as apposed to the all time favourite cookie recipe which has 10 grams of fat. Now you ask how many can I have, you can have 5 of Rocco Dispirito's Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies to 1 traditional chocolate chip cookie because each chocolate chip cookie is only 45 calories.

Instead of flour he uses cannellini beans, and agave syrup instead of sugar, they were a hit...The Dr Oz. Approved Triple Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe.

Dr Oz's solution for the Hemorrhoids question today was stop using toilet paper after you poop, and wash your bottom. Water and fiber to make your poop a little softer.

For dandruff solutions Dr Oz recommended using baking soda rinse through your hair, tea tree oil, and selenium.