Dr Oz Carol Alt Beverly Johnson and Cheryl Tiegs Supermodels Anti Aging Secrets

Dr Oz Thursday - Supermodels Cheryl Tiegs, Beverly Johnson, and Carol Alt Anti-Aging Secrets. Now in their 40s, 50s and 60s, their advice on skin, Tamanu Oil, health and fitness.

Cheryl Tiegs, Beverly Johnson, and Carol Alt - The World's Biggest Supermodel's Anti-Aging Secrets From Flawless Skin To Shiny Hair To Perfect Body's. How To Look Young In Your 40's, 50's and 60's.

Today Dr Oz says whether their walking the runway, or lighting up the cover of a magazine with every year that passes, they barely show a trace of aging. It's as though they have have found the evasive fountain of youth. Today Supermodels Cheryl Tiegs, Beverly Johnson, and Carol Alt share their Anti-Aging Secrets on The Dr Oz Show.

Dr Oz asks all 3 Supermodels an off the record question which was about plastic surgery and if it played a role in how they stay beautiful.

Cheryl Tiegs answer; plastic surgery or a face lift does not get rid of wrinkles, and what ever anyone does is a personal decision. Cheryl has tried fillers, liked some and didn't like others. She has used them to an extent that it changed her expression and the way she looks.

Beverly Johnson's answer; Beverly thinks it's wonderful what's going on with Science today with what their doing and how you look it's not the same as when you had face lifts 20 years ago.

Carol Alt's answer; Carol said one of the things she finds troubling with plastic surgery is that women over do it to to the extent that they actually look older than they really are because they have done so much surgery they look fake and phoney.

Dr Oz says "Supermodels Cheryl Tiegs, Beverly Johnson, and Carol Alt have taken their beauty which some genetic, but have taken that beauty through the ages which so many of the viewers and asked them to share their secrets." Dr Oz wants to know their 3 Anti-Aging secrets from each of them

Cheryl Tiegs Anti Aging Secrets

Cheryl Tiegs the 70's all american model graced the cover of time magazine more than 30 years ago, today she still got it you would never know she is in her 60's. Cheryl has been in the business for 40 years now, says she has a competition with herself. When she looks in the mirror and it's not a great day, she will exercise, drink a little more water, meditate a little longer.

Cheryl Tiegs Anti-Aging Secret For Skin

When cheryl was a teen and in her early twenties she had bad skin, skin so bad they had to send her home from the studio because they couldn't photograph her. She had bad acne. She immediately learned how to clean her skin, put on moisturizer, put on eye cream and that's it, and a little bit of sun protection on the face itself(SPF45). How important it is to absorb D, she learned how to clean her skin because she wasn't doing that. She sent her plight to teens watching her today to hear her words, " Learn these words, all you have to do is clean it, moisturize and take care of your skin."

Cheryl uses sweet almond oil; its high-fat content lubricates brittle hair and adds shine.

Cheryl's Diet Secrets

Cheryl starts every morning with a breakfast that includes a nutrient-packed, high-fiber and high-protein bread rich in sprouted grains and legumes, and without grain flour.

Dr Oz was admiring their hands and said how beautiful their hands were so he got all 3 Supermodels to put their hands on their knee's and asked them if they were putting the sunblock on their hands, and the answer was yes.

Beverly Johnson Anti Aging Secrets

Beverly Johnson is the first African American to appear on the cover of Vogue. Beverly is well into her 50's, yet she she remains an ageless beauty. Beverly has inspired many to be healthy, even her own daughter. Dr Oz asked Beverly how has the aging process affected her, and she said she had to give the credit to her mom, and the most important thing was that she try and stay happy.

Beverly told Dr Oz we come in contact with experts of beauty, makeup artists, hairstylists, and because it's their business she takes a lot of interest in trying to stay gorgeous.

Beverly Johnson's Anti-Aging Secret For Skin

Beverly says you have to absolutely take care of your skin, facials, dermabrasions, she gets them on her face and hands. She lives in the desert and it's hot and she really takes care of her skin. From Childhood Beverly Johnson's mom gave her cod liver oil everyday and she hated it, but now she takes cod liver oil capsules everyday. Her other secret is petroleum Jelly, she uses on her legs, elbows, your face your hair, everywhere. Beverly went on to say you have to vary your cosmetics, one day use Shea Butter, the next day Cocoa Butter to trick your body to do what's it's supposed to do and not get used to it.

Beverly"s Secret For Hair

Beverly combats dull hair with biotin, a B vitamin found in legumes, egg yolks and milk, and also available in supplement form. Biotin is prized for promoting hair growth and preventing thinning hair.

A passionate golfer, Beverly recommends picking a sport you really love so exercise is an enjoyable activity, not work.

Carol Alt Anti-Aging Secrets

Carol Alt called the face by Life Magazine, Carol has appeared on over 700 magazine covers throughout the 80's. Carol is only months away from turning the age of 50. Carol started modelling in her teens and said she was very heavy when she started modelling, and she had to lose a lot of weight. She was 5'8" and 160 pounds when she started and the grew to 5'10" and was 110 pounds when she was on the cover of Sports Illustrated. It was always a real battle with her weight, because she suffered so much with food it hurt her health. Carol's advice for anything she has learned over the years would be about food and learn how to eat properly. Food is the most important drug because with food you can heal yourself.

Carol Alt's Anti-Aging Secret For Skin

Carol says she agree's with Beverly on the raw oils, she finds raw oils as she is getting older the most important part not only of her diet but what she puts into her diet. After growing up on pizza and chinese food changing her diet was hugely responsible for anti-aging. Carol said she finds as she is getting older her skin is getting drier and drier and it;s constantly feeding your skin and keeping your skin healthy. That's not just something you do on the outside, but something you need to do from the inside.

Carol's Diet Secrets

Carol is hooked on maintaining a mostly raw foods diet. “I’ve never looked or felt better,” she says. A raw food diet is based on eating uncooked and unprocessed foods that are never cooked more than 116°, which is believed to destroy enzymes that assist in digestion and the absorption of nutrients.

Alanis Morissette's Weight Loss Success with "Eat To Live" Raw Food Diet

Carol's Hair Secrets

Carol suffers from flat hair. Her secret is hidden in the shower, where she has installed a water filter to remove chlorine and other minerals that dry out hair and skin. Purchase a pharmaceutical-grade filter at any drug store for about $50.

Dr Oz Carol Alt Tamanu Oil

Dr Oz and Carol Alt talked about Tamanu Nut Oil backstage and Dr Oz brought some out and said he looked up the information about Tamanu Oil. Tamanu Oil is anti-inflammatory, it's an antioxidant and has a long history of medicinal use in South east Asia. Dr Oz said he loves talking about this Tamanu Oil, you can get it in health food stores and buy Tamanu Oil online, it's pretty straight forward stuff.

Dr Oz did a previous show on cures Tamanu Oil Cures From Around The world "Tamanu oil comes from a nut on a tropical tree with a nutty aroma. Tamanu oil is good for anything to do with the skin, burns, bites, stings, rashes, cuts, abrasions and is also a beautifying agent. The Polynesian's use this oil to beautify skin, it gets rid of acne and pimples quickly. Dr Oz says it's available online and 1 ounce costs approximately 30.00."

I have checked different sites, costly and not so costly. Some Tamanu Oil distributers have a number of other ingredients mixed with the Tamanu oil that lessen the potency of the real Tamanu Oil, others were mixed with Olive oil, and some never listed the ingredients at all.

When he did his previous show on the oil and having aging skin myself, I went and ordered Pure Tamanu Oil with nothing else added. So I haven't been using it long I am excited about this product.

Tamanu Oil Product Information:

Revered as "the pharmacopoeia of beauty oils", Tamanu Oil contains a plethora of anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory constituents. The oil encourages new cell regeneration improving unsightly stretch marks and transforming dull, blemished skin anew.

An anti-aging cocktail, tamanu oil markedly decreases wrinkles and prevents moisture loss. Pure, undulterated tamanu oil is the perfect anti-aging. Fine lines disappear within seconds of application. This rare oil is anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory - 100% Natural.

Tamanu Oil

Dr Oz did a skin test on Carol Alt Beverly Johnson and Cheryl Tiegs before the show, a test using scotch tape by placing it on their forehead, cheek bones, and the nose. For each of the Supermodels their skin is at least a decade younger than their stated age.

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