Dr Oz Alternative Medicine Edition

Dr Oz Alternative Medicine Questions; Dr Oz Alternative Medicine Treatments
Chinese Medicine Dr Maoshing Ni(Dr. Mao), Dr Hyla Cass and Dr David Katz Joins Dr Oz. Traditional Medicine, Integrative medicine and Alternative Medicine.

Dr Oz Treatments For Seasonal Allergies

Question #1 Tasha - Tasha suffers from terrible seasonal allergies, and had them since she was a child.

Conventional Medicine Dr David Katz For Allergies; Usually allergy testing is done to find the causes of those environmental allergies. Some people benefit enormously from exposure to the particular antigen causing the allergy til your body gets used to it. Medical treatment are a combination of antihistamines and decongestants, anti-inflammatory nasal sprays, or anti-inflammatory eye drops.

Integrative Medicine Dr Hyla Cass For Allergies; Vitamin C in large doses, Quercetin, Bromelain which is a natural histamine, stinging nettles and you can buy combinations of these already together.

Chinese Medicine Dr Maoshing Ni, PhD Author - Secrets Of Self Healing & Second Spring; says you may find in your bathroom cabinet. Dr Mao says take saline water and which salt water(warm salt water) and add 1 drop of peppermint oil and spray into each nostril. The peppermint stimulates and helps clear out the sinus cavity right away, and the saline water helps reduce swelling. Her nose will start draining and clear her up instantly.

Dr Oz Treatments For Sleeping

Question #2: Kim Can't fall asleep, stress keeps her up, lay in bed.

Dr David Katz Can't Sleep: Stress management disorder program, look for an anxiety disorder that could be treated, Sometimes a sleep study is done because many different things interfere with sleep, sleep apnea is far more common than people realize.

Integrative Medicine Dr Hyla Cass For Sleep; Sleep medication Natural products 5-hydroxytryptophan or L-tryptophan which will enhance your serotonin which you need in order to sleep. Dr Cass said there are also other wonderful products to help you sleep such as Valarian, L-theanine that enhance GABA(gamma-Aminobutyric acid) which is that natural calming neuro- transmitter the brain chemical that helps you relax.

Chinese Medicine Dr Mao Sleep: Sleep has to be a combination of the mind and the body. The bridge between a restless mind and a restless body is your breath. Use your breath to regulate your sleep cycle which is what the basis of meditation is. Dr Mao brought a device that you focus on in the dark of your room to rhythmically settle your breath. You inhale and exhale with the rhythm of this little blue light and release all the tension, stress and worries from your body. This little gadget with the blue light Dr Mao recommended for sleep is called "Night Wave Sleep Assistant", it will help you accomplish meditation and breathing techniques.

Dr Oz treatments For Back Pain

Question #3 Back Pain

Dr David Katz Back Pain, working out and getting older; Conventional medicine would be ask questions on the back pain to know what to focus on. What kind of back pain is it, is it muscle spasms, is it related to the spine, is it pressing on nerves, is the pain radiating down the legs? Imaging or MRI's can show what the cause if there is injury to the tissue. Treatments range from physical therapy to condition the right muscles, anti-inflammatory medications, and in extreme cases, surgery.

Integrative Medicine Dr Hyla Cass For Back Pain; Chiropractic care can be very useful, for an adjustment or misalignment. Also muscle spasm responds very well with natural products such as Kava and valarian.

Chinese Medicine Dr Mao for back pain; Back pain is one of the most common people seek out acupuncture for. Acupuncture and a heat treatment - Dr Mao put the needles in her lower back and then added these little attachments that fit over the needle with mugwort("moxa"). Dr Mao lights them and the heat penetrates through the needles and you will feel instant relief.

Dr Oz puts 2 Popular Treatments To The Test - Gel Bath And Ear Candling

Michelle joined Dr Oz with her Gel Bath , Dr Hyla Cass says Gel baths work. The gel makes the water more solid and maintains the heat, she also recommended adding Epsom Salts to the gel bath also. It is great for the back and tired aching muscles. You can also purchase these Gel baths for foot soaks, it's called Jelly Bath . This Spa-like Foot Soak is a must for home pedicures; Tub Soak helps soothe aching muscles.

Michelle joined Dr Oz with Ear Candling, and it got a no in the truth tube, and a no from Dr Katz. I have heard many stories claiming it works on earaches, never tried it so I don't know. I know of a story that I heard many years ago for a remedy for ear aches. So when I had an earache once I got my friend to take a really big drag of his cigarette then immediately put his open mouth over the my ear that was aching and just let the smoke roll directly out of his mouth and into my ear canal. Now whether it was power of suggestion or what, it worked.