Dr Oz Summer Diet Plan And Diet Destroyers

Dr Oz Summer Diet Plan - 3 Get Skinny Secrets; 3 Fat Fighters; Diet Destroyers

Dr Oz looks at the reasons why Linda, Tanya and Heather have failed at weight loss diets. Linda was constantly hungry and Tanya says it is cheaper and faster to eat out. Today Dr Oz says his SPF Summer Diet Plan is For everyone who wants to lose weight. ABC’s News Video Dr Oz Summer Diet Secrets -- Dr. Mehmet Oz explains the benefits of trying to lose weight over the summer.

The DR OZ SPF Summer Diet

S – Seasonal

Dr Oz says eat these foods you will slim down this summer without any question.

1. Apricots – Fresh Apricots has one fifth of the daily needs of vitamin C. Vitamin C helps you metabolize fat, when you have a lot of vitamin C in your diet it actually helps move the fat from where it’s stored to where it needs to be taken to get metabolized which is one of the reasons vitamin C is so important.

2. Okra - 1 cup of Okra has about 31 calories, has folic acid in it, helps you metabolize fats.
3. Cucumber – 15 calories
4. Peaches 70 calories and has about 2.6 grams of fiber which is one of the reasons why it keeps you full. So eat your way to summer health.

P – Price Saving Foods For The Dr Oz Summer Diet Plan

Dr oz picked foods that cost less than a dollar, especially inexpensive in the summer.

1. Green Tea cost thirty one cents a bag
2. Snap Peas cost twenty eight cents per cup. Snap peas are nearly half your daily dose of vegetables you need.
3. Yogurt - plain yogurt cost thirty seven cents per cup
4. Quinoa cost eighty cents per cup, and is half the daily need of iron per day, makes red blood cells and the energy you need for the day.
5. Black Beans cost 40 cents per cup, they have a lot of protein in them – Black beans have 15 grams of protein per cup.

Dr Oz totalled it all up and it came to two dollars and eighteen cents.

F – Dr Oz Fat Fighters

The last Dr Oz skinny secret is fat fighting foods. Behind 3 curtains he had a fat fighting superfood to eat this summer.

Fat Fighting Food Citrus Fruit Grapefruit – Grapefruit Juice Vitamin C is the most important summer thing you can add to your diet to start losing weight. Vitamin C makes Carnitine, a molecule required for the oxidation of fatty acids. Dr Oz says it is the most important thing he is going to say, and to get this clear, adding things like grapefruit juice to your diet, and when you exercise and you want to excelerate the recruitment of fat, you need to start doing this grapefruit juice.
Fat fighter Food Bison Meat – Bison meat is misunderstood says Dr oz, it has fewer calories, less saturated fats than regular beef and because it has a lot of protein in it, it makes you feels satiated. High protein diets keep us full for longer. Dr Oz says in the summertime we can have a little extra protein without the extra saturated fat and your not hungry. Dr oz had a big Bison Burger there to try and a Bison Dog.
Fat Fighter Food WatermelonDr Oz Watermelon Gazpacho Soup – Watermelon is not very energy dense, it has less calories and more volume. Dr Oz said soups are better for losing weight than solid food. Dr Oz says watermelon is a very important tool for the summertime. It is a big bulky food but it doesn’t have that many calories. Watermelon is on the clean list of 15 fruits that have lowest of pesticide amounts in the entire country.

Dr Oz Diet Destroyers

Dr Oz secret sabotages to your diets diet mistakes that have nothing to do with your diet and exercise. The secret sabotages to avoid on the Dr Oz ultimate Summer Diet.

In an example he had three dining areas and they were three different colors. A room with yellow walls, one with red walls and 1 with blue walls, and he asked everyone which colour wall was a diet destroyer.

The colour wall best for dieting is the blue wall. Blue is a natural appetite suppressant, people eat 33% less, one third less food in a blue room, because blue make food a little bit less appealing.

The warm colors like the yellow and red are diet destroyers.

Diet Destroyer #1 is food in a glass bowl. Glass, the transparent bowls are diet destroyers. Women ate 71% more food out of transparent containers than ones that are opaque. Your looking at the food through through the container and seeing how good it looks.

Diet Destroyer #2 is your center peice. The center piece in the middle of the food table is either flowers or a bowl of fruit. The flowers are the diet destroyer. Fruit, especially if you get the smell into your nose, gets you to reduce the amount of food you eat. Dr Oz says take the fruit bowl and put it smack down in the middle of the table and the smell of the fruit will make you cut back a tiny bit.

Diet Destroyer #3 is Candles. When you can't see the food well you tend to eat more of it. The brighter the room is the less food you will eat. You will linger at the table longer with a dim light, and tend to over eat. Dr Oz says brighten up the kitchen. These are all well researched, Dr Oz says;

Eat in a bright well lit room, that's blue coloured, keep fruit in the middle of the table in an opaque bowl, and your in pretty good shape.

ABC’s News Video Dr Oz Summer Diet Secrets– Dr. Mehmet Oz explains the benefits of trying to lose weight over the summer.