Dr Oz Mary J. Blige, Jennifer Aniston, Patti LaBelle, Trudie Styler And Whoopi Goldberg

Dr Oz Mary J. Blige, Patti LaBelle, Carrie Ann Inaba, Trudie Styler, Dorothy Hamill and Jennifer Aniston Ask Dr Oz.
Friday - Ask Oz: Celebrity Edition
Dr. Oz answers in-studio questions from Mary J. Blige and Trudie Styler. Skype and video questions come from Jennifer Aniston, Patti LaBelle, Carrie Ann Inaba, Whoopi Goldberg, and Dorothy Hamill; The Deen brothers Recipes For Po'Boys And Berry Parfait.
Dr Oz tackles another serious subject: the alarming rate of HIV infections in young women of color. Dr. Oz shares a message of hope.

Grammy-winning R&B recording artist Mary J. Blige asks Dr. Oz about a subject that is very dear to her work offstage: heart disease, the #1 killer of women in the US. Dr. Oz walks you through the symptoms you should be aware of.

Dr Oz Mary J. Blige And Heart Disease

Mary J. Blige started a foundation that empowers women, heart disease is the number one killer of women. Mary J. asks Dr Oz "what symptoms should they be looking for, and what can we do in our own lives to prevent it."

Dr Oz said that Heart Disease is the #1 killer in women. Dr Oz said that 2 dozen women will die while we are watching this show, that's how common heart disease is in women.

Dr Oz told Mary J. Blige today she is going to touch a heart with her fingers, like she touches hearts with her voice. She put on the famous gloves that Oprah Winfrey loves so much, and showed her a healthy heart, and then Oz showed her a damaged heart. Mary J. stepped back and said "Oh My God". This heart had been damaged by high blood pressure, it was extremely large and thickened. The large heart had been fighting against things you have been doing to it.

Dr Oz Mary J. Blige Challenge

Mary J. had to put the right symptoms for heart disease in women in the right category.

Symptoms Of Heart Disease In Women Are;
1. Dizziness
2. Nausea
3. Sweating
4. Shortness of breath

Dr Oz told her that the shortness of breath is the big one for him. Mary J. said the shortness of breath scares her because so many of us have shortness of breath. Dr Oz told Mary J. if she remembers nothing else from their conversation, if your short of breath, the first thing he thinks about is to make sure your not having a heart problem, because once the heart looks like the picture, the blood backs up into the lungs and the lungs start to flood and you can't breath anymore.

Dr Oz Mary J. Blige Question On HIV And Women Of Color

Mary J. Blige had a second question for Dr Oz about her foundation. It does a monthly work shop for high school girls, the topic of discussion is normally is body awareness.

Mary J. Blige asks Dr Oz "why are young women of colour being infected with HIV at such an alarming rate, what can I tell my girls so they don't end up in trouble."

Dr Oz Said " The big problem with HIV, just to be clear on this, the aids incidence is one of the leading causes of death for young black people, especially black women. A lot of it though the rates are slowly dropping, a lot of it is caused by folks not knowing and realizing how important it is and not understanding that fundamentally it's not just about educational, but it's about self esteem too."

Dr Oz The issue of condoms - "a third of single women report that the last time they had sex used a condom, the other two thirds didn't. The fact that they don't have the confidence in themselves, and Mary J can inspire this confidence in them to respect their body, and to appreciate they can demand from their partners the same thing they want for themselves."

Mary J. Blige said she learned the hard way " I was actually one of those kids running wild, and when I learned to love myself, I valued myself, and I wasn't doing anything without protection, so this is why I believe I am such a huge role model for so many of them, because I have been there where they are, and tried to figure it out and made mistakes. I am precious to myself in that way now because of all the mistakes I made."

She thanked Dr Oz and Dr Oz said the best message is to just look someone in the eye and say hey listen "You need to love yourself as much as I love you, and if you do these things you are hurting me too."

Mary J. Blige Stairway To Heaven

Jennifer Aniston's Question For Dr. Oz

They caught Jennifer Annistan on the red carpet and she says she loves Dr Oz and asks Dr Oz for an appointment, and he told her she could have an appointment any time, then Jennifer asks Dr Oz "Dr Oz what was your most life threatening, or scariest moment health wise?"

Dr oz proceeded to tell her and everyone, the scariest time for him was when he about 5 years old and sitting in the back seat of his dad's car and he got stung by a bee. His dad noticed he was having hives because he started driving to the hospital. Dr Oz says he will never forget sitting up in the car and looking out and all the colour had drained out of the world. He told his dad everything looked grey, and the only thing he remembered after that was being pulled back as his dad hit the accelerator because he was a doctor and knew there was a problem and when he woke up he was in the emergency room. Dr Oz has a reaction to bee stings.

Carrie Ann Inaba's Question For Dr Oz

Dancing With The Stars Carrie Ann Inaba asked Dr Oz; " I have panic attacks, and how can I talk myself down from the panic attack and can you explain to me why it happens and what it is."

Dr oz asked Carrie Ann Inaba what happens to you, how long does it last and what do you feel. She says her heart starts to beat really loud, she feels like she needs to grab onto something, and she needs to swallow and can't catch her breath.

Dr oz told her that was classic for panic attacks, it can begin suddenly without any warning, it happens in young women, sometimes you can have genetic predispositions to it, sometimes you got stress in your life thats causing it.

Dr Oz Panic Attack Treatment For Carrie Ann Inaba

There are medications but Dr Oz recommends breathing exercises, Dr oz told her bend her knees and squat to a lower position, then sip on water, sipping water slows down the heart rate, put the water down look towards the sky and image the most beautiful safest, calmest place you have ever been. Carrie Ann was thinking about the beaches in Hawaii. She said it works.

Trudie Styler Question For Dr Oz

Trudie Styler wife of Sting came running out in tights and very excited to see Dr Oz. Dr oz told everyone Trudie Styler has a series of Gaiam Video Tapes, and her latest DVD just came out called Trudie Styler's Sculpt And Tone Ballet and then asked Trudie what her question was.

Trudie says "I have been working out a lot of my life as you'll see, but I want to know what your secrets are to how you stay healthy given your amazing schedule, what are your secrets Dr Oz."

Dr Oz said "It's a pretty simple setup, first of all about 50% is cardio vascular exercise, 30% is stretching and Yoga, and about 20% strength training."

Yoga is Dr Oz's passion and he does yoga exercises all the time, every single morning he gets up he does the triangle pose by leaning forward and grab the space and lifts it up(you had to have seen it), it's great for the lower back and relaxing and works the ham strings. Then he does strength work to keep him relatively trim. He uses balls and use hand weights.

Trudie said she does yoga too, her new exercise is through ballet, she went back to her roots of being a child ballerina. So she helped Dr Oz unleash the Ballerina in him, and they both did some Ballet moves. Real cute... Dr oz doing Plié to Passé to Chassé moves with Trudie.

Dr Oz And Patti LaBelle

With several healthy cookbooks - Recipes to Sing About Dr Oz answers Patti LaBelle's question today. Patti LaBelle's question for Dr Oz was,"You know I am post Menopausal and I have been flashing and dashing and all those things and it's just not good for me and it's been happening for 14 years, and I want to know if that's normal or if there is a way for me to manage my symptoms without using hormones."

Dr Oz answered "Hot flashes are normal and 50% of women hot flashes for more than 5 years. One of the things that increases the chances of that happening Patti is diabetes which we've talked about before in past shows. One of the things that cause it is tight clothes because it keeps the heat around you, stress, caffeine does it, and by the way I know that you love spicy foods, and all those spicy foods are great for weight loss but it's not good for hot flashes, and Dr Oz told her to take Black Cohosh, it is very effective." Dr oz is going to deliver the Black Cohosh to Patti, and he gets the Lady Marmalade Spices in return

Dr Oz And Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Question For Dr Oz was "hey Dr Oz, it's Whoopi, I have been diagnosed with light bladder leakage, I want to know what causes this embarrassing condition, and could I have prevented it hmmmm."

Dr oz Bladder leakage, In this video Dr Oz explains why and how bladder leakage happens.

Dr Oz And Dorothy Hamill

Olympic ice skater Dorothy Hamill enters the No-Embarrassment Zone. A breast cancer survivor, Hamill asks Dr. Oz about going off hormone replacement therapy and hot flashes.

Dorothy Hamill's Question To Dr Oz - "Recently I had breast cancer and I had to go off my Hormone Replacement Therapy, and I was just wondering will my hot flashes ever go away."

Dr Oz's answer for Dorothy - "If you have breast cancer that has hormone receptors on it, it means that it's turned on by Estrogen we are not always sure what kind of estrogen turns it on, that's one of the reasons soy which has phytoestrogens may still be beneficial for a lot of folks.

He told Dorothy to take Black Cohosh, it's a herb that's been studied in clinical trials, it was used in a setting as Dorothy and Patti Decribed.