Dz Oz Ultimate Count Down - Libido Booster Superfoods To Aging Too Fast

Dr Oz Ultimate Countdown; 7 Red Flags Your Aging Too fast, 6 Worst meals In America, 5 Mysterious Cures From Around The World, 4 Libido Busters, 3 Energy Boosters, 2 Alternative Therapies, And Dr Oz Number one Supplement Vitamin D3.

Dr Oz counts down the things you need to know from Alternative Treatments to Energy Boosters, Libido Launchers to the #1 Supplement you should be taking. It's Dr Oz's 7 incredible lists everyone needs.

Ultimate Countdown Dr Oz 7 Red Flags To Aging Too Fast

Red Flag # 7 Ring Finger Length – The abnormality in women that is most likely to identify with your risk of developing Osteo-Arthritis.

Dr Oz Red Flag #6 – Bra Size and type 2 diabetes – This undergarment can be a sign of type 2 diabetes.

Dr Oz Red Flag #5 Coughing and Sneezing Deep Vein Thrombosis – If the back of your knees hurts when doing this bodily function could indicate Deep Vein Thrombosis.

Dr Oz Red Flag #4 Jean size and Dementia - This article of clothing is the best red flag predictor that can later cause dementia. Your waist size is the most important predictor, it should be half your height.

Dr Oz Red Flag #3 Poor Balance and Brain Degeneration – Red flag predictor for brain degeneration – Poor balance means Cerebellum Problems. Problems with the back of your brain not being able to co-ordinate all things happening.

Dr Oz Red Flag #2 Dry Mouth - Dry Mouth is a red flag predictor that can take two years of your life.

Dr Oz Red Flag #1 Ear Lobe Crease – A crease in your earlobe is a warning sign of heart disease – ear lobe crease is a potential sign of a heart attack.

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Dr Oz Andrew Knowlton 6 Worst Meals On The Menu

Dr Oz Ultimate Count Down – Dr Oz 6 Worst Meals In America. In this segment of show Andrew Knowlton – BON APPETIT magazine joins Dr Oz. Want to know why eating out always tastes so good? Because most restaurants stack the deck with ingredients like butter, oil, salt and sugar that hype the flavour at the expense of your health.

Dr Oz Worst meal #6 Cholesterol Pancakes stuffed with sausages and cheese – Pancake wrapped around sausage, egg and cheese with butter on the side and some syrup.

Dr Oz Worst meal #5 Calories Burrito and chips – This Burrito had nearly 1700 calories, 1690 calories to be exact.

Dr Oz Worst meal #4 Salt Fish and Parm Cheese - This fish and parmesan cheese and spicy rice on the side has 3300 mg of salt. The average salt intake per day is 2300.

Dr Oz Worst meal #3 Fat Content Pepperoni Meatball Pizza – The whole pizza from Texas they had there was 953grams of fat, just one slice was 25 grams of fat. Your daily intake of fat should be 50 grams per day.

Dr Oz Worst meal #2 Carbs Pasta and Breaded Shrimp – Pasta and Breaded Shrimp hmmm! …Dr oz says when food is breaded it usually means their hiding something.

Dr Oz Worst meal #1 Decadent Dessert Ice Cream – Ice cream loaded down with candy, brownie chunks and a little bit of sauce on top can equal 1344 grams of sugar.

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Ultimate Countdown Dr Oz 5 Best Cures From Around The World

Dr. Oz explores the top natural remedies from the far reaches of the globe with Dan Buettner author of The Blue Zones.

Dr Oz Cure #5 Bitter Melon Bitter Melon has been used for centuries in the country of Japan – Bitter melon contains a compound called Charantin, it lowers blood sugars, it helps for diabetes.

Dr Oz Cure #4 Noni Berry – Noni Berry from Polynesia – Noni Berry lowers inflammation, it’s really good for your immune system and can also be good for skin ailments.

Dr Oz Cure #3 Cordyceps – Dr Oz says he has heard a lot about Cordyceps, Dan says it comes from Tibet China and Cordyceps is the most valuable Asian medicine known. Cordyceps is a fungus, it invades catapillars. This fungus has been know to fight breast cancer, to fight different types of skin cancers, and Olympic Athletes have used it as performance enhancers.

Dr Oz Cure #2 Elder Berry – Elderberry originates from Austria – Elderberry is a traditional cure that has been around for hundreds of years. Elder Berry has a powerful Immune Booster that has been show to be effective for colds, and flu’s.

Dr Oz Cure #1 Durian – Durian comes from Malaysia, Dan Buettner says Durian is one of the most bizarre fruits ever seen. They actually call this the stinky feet fruit from South East Asia. Durian stinks but actually tastes quite delicious, tastes like custard.

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Ultimate Countdown Dr Oz 4 Top Libido Boosters

Dr Oz Libido Superfoods

4. Gingeris the number 4 Libido Superfood
3. Halibut is the number 3 Libido Superfood
2. Pumpkin Seeds is the number 2 Libido Superfood
1. Asparagus - The #1 Libido Superfood Asparagus

Dr Oz 3 Energy Boosters

Dr Oz’ s Ultimate Countdown was the 3 things to give you more energy and fight fatigue and exhaustion.

The # 3 Energy Booster is an astringent
#2 Energy Booster is any kind of physical activity
The Dr Oz #1 way to boost your energy is Magnesium

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Dr Oz 2 Ultimate Countdown Alternative Therapies

These non traditional remedies have helped our most dire illnesses. Dr oz got two of the hottest treatments today.

Dr Oz Equine Assisted Therapy

Alternative Treatment number 2 – Equine Assisted Therapy.

Dr Oz Bee Venom To Relieve Pain

Dr Oz Alternative Therapy #1 apitherapy – apitherapy is all about bees. Patients actually get stung by honey bees on purpose because the venom has enzymes that can help reduce pain, especially from arthritis.

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Dr Oz Ultimate Count Down #1 Supplement Vitamin D

Dr Oz #1 Supplement Vitamin D3

Dr Oz is always talking about Vitamin D on his shows because he says we never get enough of it. The best source of Vitamin D is sunlight, it helps us absorb calcium for bone health. Dr Oz the best way for most of us to get it is through a supplement, 1000 mg a day!

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