September 13th 2010 Dr Oz In Case You Missed It

Dr Oz has come up with a new segment for his show "In Case You Missed It". Todays Dr Oz show were on these segments. Just click on any one of the links for the information you may have missed on his show.

Dr Oz Just 10 Challenge | Dr Oz Five Rules To Help You Lose Ten Pounds

Dr Oz Ten Reasons To Lose Just Ten Pounds

Dr Oz Diet Pills African Mango – Irvingia Gabonensis For Weight Loss Three Must Have Vitamins For Weight Loss

The things Dr Oz wants you to remember from today's Dr Oz Show are:

1. Sign up for the "Just 10" bracelet it's free to help you with your goal to lose Just 10 Pounds. From Dr Oz and Zappo's.

2. The 5 Rules to lose "Just 10 Pounds"

1. Cut out the soda's

2. Don't eat after 8 P.M.

3. Move ten minutes a day

4. Eat Snacks no larger than your fist

5. Track your weight daily it keeps you on track