September 14th 2010 Dr Oz In Case You Missed It

Dr Oz September 14th In Case you missed it on the Dr. Oz show, here are the things Dr Oz wants you to remember from todays show.

Dr Oz Bed Bug Infestation

If your worried about a bed bug infestation throw your clothes in the dryer for at least 30 minutes as soon as you get home. Bed bugs cannot survive in temperatures above 113 degrees.

Dr Oz Bedbugs Infestation | How To Protect Yourself From Bedbugs

Probiotic supplements can help fight off bacterial infections in your gut and they can also help boost your immune system. You can find them in drug and health food stores.

Dr Oz Three Foods For A Healthy Stomach

Try an OTC laxative for constipation "Osmotic Laxatives" for example one with magnesium citrate. Dr Oz says you'll probably need one to two tablespoons two times per day.

Dr Oz Three Stomach Pains Never To Ignore