DR. OZ This Week | December 12 to December 16 2011

What's coming up this week on the Dr. Oz Show

Dr. Oz: December 12 - December 16 In Case You Missed It; Rachael Ray's Holiday Cooking, Jane Fonda's secrets to look younger, know your pee and poop, the new flu stain, and Suzanne Somers fight with breast cancer.


Dr. Oz Rachael Ray; Holiday Cooking It's the queen of stress-free cooking to the rescue! From crispy potato latkes to the best way to cook a turkey, Rachael shares her simple and healthy secrets to save your dinner! Plus--Rachael's #1 fool-proof holiday recipe you can make tonight!

The holiday season can be a stressful time of year, especially when cooking for  family. Today, Dr. Oz is teaming up with the queen of fuss-free cooking, Rachael Ray, to take the guess work out of holiday meals and solve your biggest cooking disasters. Rachael helps Lori (Pine Hill, NY), Meredith (Philadelphia, PA) and Susan (Philadelphia, PA) with simple fixes for everything from overcooked vegetables to dry beef roast.

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Then, Dr. Oz reveals the third step in his  Transformation Nation: Million Dollar You challenge  – learn  your family’s medical history.  Dr. Oz sits down with Dr. Tom Frieden, director of the Center for Disease Control, and Tikiya  (Riverdale, NY)  to explain how genetic medical conditions can impact your personal health.

Did you know that miracle minerals are lying in your own spice cabinet? Dr. Oz discusses the healing effects salt can have on skin, respiratory and stress related conditions with Donna (New Windsor, NY). Plus learn how dreaded brown seaweed can actually help to burn belly fat as Dr. Oz teaches Stacey (Chatham, Ontario) about this plant’s potent powers.


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Dr. Oz Jane Fonda; Fitness Revolution The legendary actress and wellness guru opens up about the biggest life lessons from her past--so you can fearlessly confront your future! At 74, Jane reveals her secrets to look younger and live better at every age!

Today, Academy Award-winning actress and celebrity fitness icon Jane Fonda joins Dr. Oz  to reveal the deepest secrets behind the three "acts" of her life and how you can perform your own  life review. Jane, who believes that wellness and exercise are vital to longevity, teaches Dr. Oz some simple stretches and movements for a richer and healthier future. Do you always feel fatigued? Does your body often ache? Dr. Oz reveals the organ that makes you feel 10 years older than you should.

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There are many new anti-aging breakthroughs, but how do you know which ones actually work?  Dr. Oz talks with a cosmetic chemist who lets viewers know which cosmetics are worth buying. Dr. Oz reveals his list of 2011 anti-aging superfoods that he wants you to consume — all in large amounts.

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Dr. Oz Pee; Poop The warning signs to look for before you flush that could save your life. A Dr. Oz no embarrassment zone! (REPEAT)

What are the warning signs to look for before you  flush? It’s a ―no-embarrassment‖ zone in the studio as Dr. Oz explains the ―lifesaving‖ shape, size and smell of the fecal matter and how often you should pee with audience members Lori (Greensboro, NC), Daura (Valley Stream, NY), Kelly (Red Bank, NJ), Julie (Rising Sun, MD), MaryAnne (Cedar Grove, NJ), Lisa (Cedar Grove, NJ) and Tara (Middletown, NJ).

Then, it’s the 5 foods that keep your digestion regulated, steering you away  from constipation and diarrhea. Take a trip down the digestive tract with help from with help from Sharland (Brooklyn, NY). Your pee and poop are actually clues to your overall health. 200 audience members examine pictures of their own poop and containers of their own pee! Brave audience members Monica (Barnegat, NJ) and Penny (Montclair, NJ) show Dr. Oz their pictures.

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Toss out your excessively large sunglasses because Dr. Oz has the secret to get rid of those stubborn bags under your eyes with help from Delsie (Brooklyn, NY). Who wouldn’t want to look 10 years younger? Dr. Oz spills how you don’t have to spend a fortune to keep your face looking young with his beauty wonders with guest Rosanna (Hazlet, NJ).

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Are you smarter than a 4th grader? Dr. Oz quizzes Barbara (New York, NY) and her 4th grade grandson, Jeremy (New York, NY) on foods that help boost your memory and improve brain function. 



Dr. Oz Prevention; Stress Supplements The NEW FLU strain that has Dr. Oz sounding the alarm! How to prevent the flu from striking you! Then, how to prevent heart attacks and food poisoning this holiday!

Today Dr. Oz presents his prevention power hour  to defend your and your family this winter season. Dr. David Katz and Margot Gilman, editors of Prevention magazine, join Dr. Oz to give Erika (Bernardsville, NJ) and Tina (New York, NY) simple strategies to fight the flu, heart-related illnesses and food poisoning.

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Then, stress raises blood pressure, elevates your heart rate and releases dangerous chemicals into your body—and there’s no time more stressful than the holidays. Dr. Oz  is joined by Dr. Tasheem Bhatia (Atlanta, GA) to  help Dianne (Perkasie, PA), Darlene (Newington, CT) and  Rori  (New Rochelle, NY) select supplements to reduce their stressful situations.

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Did you know that the way you prepare and cook your food may cause blockage to your heart? Dr. Oz shares his 30-second kitchen fixes  that can save your meal and help unclog your arteries with Angela (Bronx, NY).

This staple can be found in many kitchens across the world, and it may prevent the diseases you fear most. Dr. Oz teams up with Dr. Russell Greenfield to talk about the power of olives and how their oils can fight cancer and heart disease. Dr. Oz reveals the three things he keeps in his bag for secret fixes to prevent everyday problems to Charlene (Perkasie, PA) and Teri (Telford, PA).



Dr. Oz Suzanne Somers; Iscador Mistletoe Extract & Breast Cancer She challenged her doctors and refused to give up, now for the first time on television she is opening up about the REVOLUTIONARY SURGERY TO REBUILD HER BREAST. Is this the future of medicine?

Dr. Oz sits down with actress, sex symbol and breast cancer survivor Suzanne Somers who decided to forgo chemotherapy and rely on alternative methods for recovery. She opted to have her breast rebuilt as part of a revolutionary trial using fat stem cell therapy, and her doctor joins Somers and Dr. Oz to discuss the surgery. 

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Then it’s a never-ending battle with your sinuses: headaches, allergies and infections. But, do you know why you have sinuses? Dr. Oz talks about why you should understand how sinuses work before jumping to a diagnosis. Dr. Oz gets a cooking lesson from Ming Tsai, chef and host of "Simply Ming." Tsai teaches Dr. Oz how to boost immunity with an Asian inspired dish, lemon grass ginger braised chicken. Plus, do you take antibiotics if you have an infection? Dr. Oz has the cure using natural remedies.