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Dr. Oz intervenes to help save the life of a 420-pound heart transplant patient. A new heart saved him, Dr. Oz steps in and takes action.

The Calorie Burning Workout Thats Taking America By Storm - Dr. Oz Does Zumba!

Sinus Infection Remedy

Bill & Jen from "The Little Couple" Dr. Oz Intervention
Dr. Oz discusses the complications involved with the health of Bill and Jen Arnold from TLC's "The Little Couple," and what they can teach us about our own bodies.

Bill and Jen are under 4 ft tall, she is a doctor and he is a business man.

Their big question for the next season of little people is concerns about getting pregnant and starting a family. They are worried about the well being of jen, and the wellbeing of the baby. The complications for Bill and Jen could are; Having a premature baby, and a C-section. being pregnant for Jen will cause problems with her ability to breath. For Bill and Jen to have a baby there will be a 25% chance of having a normal baby, 50% chance the baby will be a dwarf like Bill and Jen, and a 25% chance the baby will not survive.

Merle The 420-Pound Heart Transplant Patient

Merle weighed 364 pounds when he got his new heart, and now weighs 420 pounds. He is full of life but his portion sizes are way to large. Merle said he is stuck and doesn't know how to get unstuck. He has always had a weight issue, even when he was young. Merle lost his focus when he was diagnosed with breast cancer last year.

Dr.Oz put Merle to the truth tube, his weight was 420, his HDL (Good cholesterol) was 28, and it should be 45, waist size was 58, and his BMI was 50. This means that Merle is morbidly obese.

Dr.Oz started him with Portion Control that someone will be checking on him everyday. The best plan he had for Merle was to put the allotted servings all in one container he can have each day, and once he eats what ever is left in the container is what he has left to eat for that day!

Dr. Oz told him to take psyllium husks, cinnamon, and lemon juice to make a texture like applesauce ( the lemon will suppress the appetite.) Brush his teeth and eat sugarless gum when he gets hungry.

His exercise program to put a stationary bike in front of the television. Merle is not to watch t.v. unless he is on the bike. This is a reminder that he isn't moving enough.

Sinus Infection Remedy

For sinusitis Dr. Oz says get these over the counter products; A humidifier, and a Nettie Pot. he highly recommends this Nettie pot, all you add is warm water and a saline solution. All you do is turn your head to the side while holding your head over the sink, gently pour the warm water in one nostril and it will come out the other nostril pushing out the thick mucus.

Dr.Oz The Calorie Burning Workout Dance

Dr. Oz says we need to take 10,000 steps a day, and one of the best ways to reach is this goal is to dance. Today Dr. oz is trying the Zumba Dance craze thats sweeping across the nation. And the man to show him how its done is Richard Martinez.

Richard Martinez shows the Dr.Oz basically what is'a all about, shake that booty. Richard tells Dr. Oz that it's a great workout because the Zumba program is a fitness party that incorporates Latin and international rhythms fused into one full hour of a full high calorie, high intensity, burn as you go interval training that claims to be so much fun you don't even know that your doing it. Dr.Oz says the Zumba dancing burns 500 calories, that's more than any other dance workout!

Richard Martinez Zumba Dance Video

Richard lost 75 pounds through Zumba. Richard claims that through Zumba and regular eating he has maintained his 75 pound weightloss for 2 years now.

The 3 tips for the day is

1. Fill up on fibre
2. Wash out the sinus's
3.Dance To Zumba

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