Dr. Oz Breast Checklist That Could Save Your Life

October 2 Dr.Oz Show

Dr. Oz is talking about bad breath, gas and sweaty armpits.
How to lose those last stubborn pounds.
The breast checklist that could save your life, A lot of people don't know how important that is.

Are Your Breasts Normal

Dr. Oz says to check the same time of every month, approximately a week or two before or after your period. Two thirds of all women have lumps in their breasts that are moveable and rubbery under the skin usually at certain times of the month.

The lumps to be worried about are hard, and slowly get larger which will make the skin on the breast buckle and pucker.

Dr.oz's checklist with a lady from the audience today was with a bust of a woman showing her How To Do A Self Breast Exam. he told her to take three fingers of one hand while the other hand is under the back of her head while she is laying flat on her back. Take the 3 fingers under the armpit and feel around there, and along the side of the breast with an up and down motion (straight line from the top of the breast straight down to the bottom then back up. He said to do this to the both in search of any changes, or for hard lumps.

Every women should have a mammogram after the age of forty.

Embarrasing Questions Today

Can you break you male member is asked by one guy(Can't say the P word on this post). The answer is yes! It is an emergency, and will need to operate.

Jimmy Fallons question was "what is the healthiest way to get drunk?" Remedy for a hangover is prickly pear (Nopal Cactus). Prickly Pear is a natural herb used as a hangover cure.

The remedy for stinky feet and underarm odour is to put tea bags in a basin of water and soak your feet in them, Tea has tannins in it. For underarm odour soak the tea bags in cooled down tea you've made and soak a wash cloth and hold it under your armpit for a few minutes. The tea keeps the pores small.

Bad breath remedy is parsley, sugarless gum, and tea. Tea has anti-bacterial properties.

How to lose those last stubborn pounds

Dr. Oz talked with twins today on weight loss and portion control, and explaining they need to find a coping mechanism to help battle the biology of blubber.

"The Secret To Skinny" Nutrition Twins tells us how salt can make you fat!
Not only does salt bloat and make you retain water, it makes you hungrier, makes you thirstier, increases cravings, it makes your fat cells fatter, and it impairs your body to burn fat.

The jump start plan begins with flushing to get rid of those last stubborn pounds. What your doing is detoxifying you body of those fattening salty foods by picking the best foods and the best brands, and retaining your taste buds to be able to taste the food. Start your all your meals with a healthy carbohydrate slimmer which is a healthy whole grain with a protein slimmer which is a lean protein.

Fight the signs of aging

A lady asks if drinking collagen is a good anti-aging remedy Dr. Oz answer was that Drinking collagen does not necessarily will give you great skin, it will not do all what they claim to say. Collagen products do work, but not by drinking it.

Another lady wanted to know why her skin was starting to sag on her face and getting jowls. Do face exercises of blowing your cheeks up and releasing the air. Eat tomatoes for the lycopene. Take vitamins A, C, and E are the big Antioxidant vitamins.

Your beauty outside is targeted from the beauty inside, your inner health will enhance your outer beauty. Simple Huh!

Throw these foods away that contain any of the following as the first 4 ingredients on their label
Saturated fats; any fat that comes from 4-legged animals, or palm and coconut oil
Hydrogenated fat (trans fat); primary omega-6 fat found in corn oil and soybean oil
Simple sugars; those ending in –ose, like sucrose, glucose, maltose, and fructose, or sugar alcohols that end in –ol, and syrups
Any non-whole grain; such as bleached or enriched flour
Anything with 4 or more grams of sugars per serving

The Nutrition Twins Offer up this information from their book "The Secret To Skinny". No they were not on Dr. Oz but I thought the information may be useful.

You really need to be careful of these so called healthy foods because they are high in sodium. Check your labels for in order for it to qualify you want your carbohydrates healthy grains to be under 110 milligrams of sodium for the jump start phase.
If your feeling bloated from constipation your going to choose flushers such as broccoli, carrot and apple. If your feeling bloated from water retention and salt your going to chose Kale, Cucumbers and banana's.

The beverage slimmers are tea and water, both are sodium free, and calorie free. They will help flush any excess sodium out of your body. Tea has the added benefit of being packed with antioxidants. All tea is ok.

Once your through the jump start phase-flush phase you have lost a noticeable amount of weight,now you go to the maintenance plan. Now you can moderately add in flavoured water, a little chocolate, and Lays Potato Chips have the same amount of salt as a slice of white bread.

The exercise mistakes you may be making that are sabotaging you from dropping the pounds is to have protein snacks, try having pistachio's. 30 pistachio's equals 100 calories.

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