Dr Oz Three Silent Symptoms For Women Over Forty Can't Ignore

Serious Symptoms; Overweight Mom and Teen; How Honey Heals
Dr. Oz reveals three take-notice symptoms for women over 40. An overweight mom and her teenage daughter seek help from Dr. Oz. The five mistakes parents make when talking to their kids about weight. The #1 item in your pantry that heals: Honey for Health, The Honey Beauty Mask. "Win Your Daily Dose: B Vitamins."

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Dr Oz says every year thousands of women lose their lives to diseases that in most cases are completely preventable. We all lead busy lives and ignore the subtle symptoms that can be harbingers of serious diseases such as stroke, colon cancer, and diabetes. Sometimes waiting until it's too late too survive them.

Women need to know the best early warning system for 3 of the most dangerous diseases out there, says Dr Oz. And Dr. Andre Pennington.

Dr Pennington and Dr Oz go over the 3 symptoms women over forty should never ignore.

1. Stroke Difficulty Finding Words - The subtle ways this symptom can be a warning sign for a stroke. Common problems are confusing one set of words for another - These lapses in communication within your brain can be symptoms of mini-strokes that are often precursors to a more serious event. Signs that you may be having (or have had) a major stroke include numbness and paralysis on one side of your body. Another giveaway is if someone has a lopsided smile, indicating that the muscles on one side of their face are not working properly.

Judy ignored all the symptoms and had 3 mini strokes, her first symptoms were confusion, saying things like a blue coat when she wanted to say red jacket, and having numbness and paralysis on the right side.

Subtle symptoms such as word confusion or loss, get to your doctor as soon as possible. He or she will do an MRI to look for any tissue death due to lack of oxygen and can put you on a stroke prevention regime to make sure symptoms don’t continue or worsen. If you notice more serious symptoms, such as numbness or paralysis on one side of your body, call 911 immediately. Treatment within the first 3 hours of a major stroke can save your life and dramatically increase your chances for a full recovery.

2. Colon cancer Bloating - bloating often is a sign that your period is on the way, or indigestion bloating. But when bloating becomes an everyday nuisance it can actually be a very important warning sign for colon cancer.

Dr Oz What To Do About Bloating
If after making dietary changes to improve bloating or are not menstruating and have continued bloating, contact your gynecologist. Your doctor will rule out the possibility that your ovaries are involved and will send you to a gastroenterologist who can look for colon cancer. Be especially vigilant if you have a family history of the disease. Be on the lookout for other symptoms such as blood in your stool or severe cramping that lasts for a few days.

Cynthia suffered with bloating and pain for over three years even after dietary changes, and getting rid of the sugars and salt, and got really healthy and Doctors kept telling her nothing was wrong, but she pursued a naturopathic to help. She knew there was something that did not belong in her body with that burning feeling in her side. Cynthia eventually got her colonoscopy and they removed a small tumour out of her stomach. No More Bloating!

3. Diabetes - Low libido is a symptom of diabetes. Diabetes will give you Low Libido, Lack of Sex Drive - consistently low libido can be an important indicator of early diabetes. High blood sugar causes arteries to grow sticky over time and become prone to clotting. This can cause a loss of blood flow, which is critical to sex drive and sexual function.

Dr Oz Over Weight Mom Lori And Teenage Daughter Brice

Lori and Brice joined Dr Oz in this segment of The Dr oz show seeking help for being morbidly obese. Dr Kerri Boutelle joined Dr Oz to help to talk about the 5 mistakes parents need to avoid when trying to help their over weight kids.

Dr. Boutelle is an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics in the Adolescent Health and Medicine and is the Director of the STAR Center (Services for Teenagers at Risk), an interdisciplinary treatment program for adolescents and young adults who have eating disorders or disordered eating.

The 5 mistakes to avoid are;
1. Don't talk health to them
2. Don't lay the guilt trip on them
3. No pay off's
4. Don't police their foods
5. Don't nag and criticize

In the truth tube

weight - 258 lbs.
BMI - 44
B/P - 156/90

Weight 356 lbs.
BMI - 58
HDL Cholesterol - 42

Dr Oz brought 3 inspirations for Brice today. First was 15 year old Mia who lost 30 lbs. so far. She started dance exercising. Next was Angelica, she has lost 68 pounds, her former weight was 200 pounds. Angelica switched out her soda to seltzer water, and ice cream to fudgesicles.

Dr OZ told Lori and Brice about a support program called "Fitsmi" which is a group of people who are struggling just the way they are.

Fitsmi is a place for teen girls who are struggling with their weight and ready to make a change, Social network, Change machine, Blogs about eat, moving, getting inspired and feeling great.

Dr Oz Healing Honey

Dr. Oz calls Honey “liquid gold.” Time to turn to your kitchen cabinet instead of your medicine cabinet to find Dr Oz's number one favourite healer Honey! Raw Honey lasts for a long time as long as you keep it in a cool dry place. Dr Oz has bee's onstage with him today and says that 500 bee's will make a pound of honey in two weeks.
Raw Honey is totally unprocessed honey. It still contains pollen, propolis, honeycomb and live enzymes -- all the goodness the bees put in!

There are 3 ways honey can heal us;

1. Honey heals ulcers - Honey can kill off H. pylori(Helicobacter pylori). Honey has low water content, which means it is not easy for bacteria to grow in.

2. Honey works on your skin - Use honey in a face mask, it has been used for many years

3. Raw Honey - Dr Oz says Honey is a great healer but it has to be Raw Honey , but he also stressed not to give it to children under two years of age as it has low levels of toxins in it.

The Honey Beauty Mask

This moisturizing mask draws out toxins and impurities to rejuvenate your skin. Dr Oz and Cheron applied The honey mask to each others face to explain to everyone how the texture felt, which was obviously good.

Have you ever heard of Manuka Honey. Manuka Honey is a premium medical-grade honey, exclusively found in the New Zealand region. It has been discovered that this unique type of honey contains extraordinary healing properties that are capable of treating a wide spectrum of health conditions such as ulcers, acid reflux, gastritis, strep throat, acne, wounds, burns, eczema, ringworm, wrinkles, and Manuka Honey Benefits MRSA Staph Infections, etc.

Dr Oz Honey Beauty Mask Recipe

2 tbsp raw honey
1 tbsp French Green Clay or rose clay
2 drops lavender or rose otto essential oil (optional)
Water to thin as needed

Wash your face and leave slightly damp. Apply mask all over face, avoiding the eye area. Leave on for 15 minutes. Rinse off with warm water. Gently pat dry.

Clay literally "drinks" oils, toxic substances, and impurities. Its toning action stimulates the skin, revitalizing the complexion while tightening pores and helping to keep the skin supple. French Green Clay is marvelous for helping to clear problem skin. Make your own 100% natural facial mask using kitchen ingredients. Used at the finest spas and resorts, great for teenage problem skin. UNSCENTED Fragrance Free.

Dr Oz The Benefits Of Vitamin B

Diane, Susan and Carole joins Dr Oz in this segment of the show called "Win Your Daily Dose." There are 8 B Vitamins - B1, B2, 3, 5 6, 7, 9, and 12 that can actually help you lose weight because they stimulate your metabolism. Vitamin B helps prevent heart disease, cancer, and promote healthy nerves and muscle function. Want to get more of this powerful nutrient? here are the foods to eat now.

Whole grain cereals are rich in almost all the B Vitamins - Superfood lentils, beans, legumes have lots of folic acid in them. Oysters have Vitamin B 12 in them