Dr Oz What Cancer Risks And How To reduce Your Risk For Cancer

Monday on Dr. Oz March 29th 2010 Your Cancer Profile; Carpal Tunnel Therapy; Glory Days Plan; How Old Is Your Hair?

Are you increasing your risk for cancer? Dr. Oz gives you the surprising cancer facts. Learn what biological factors and behaviors raise and reduce your risk.
Pain relief for Carpal Tunnel, Dr. Oz's hair-repair remedies, Get back in the game with NBA star John Salley’s 3-step health plan.

Dr Oz Cancer Facts To Reduce Your Risk Of Cancer

Dr Oz first topic today was on Surprising Cancer Facts you don't know, diagnosing cancers, cures for the problems. "What cancers are you most at risk for". Dr Oz reveals that factors that can put you at risk for cancer. From the things you eat to the pills you pop may be increasing your chances of getting sick.

Dr kathleen Wolin joined Dr Oz today along with 3 members from the studio audience to determine the risks of Cancers.

1. The first Cancer was Colon Cancer.
2. The second Cancer was Stomach Cancer
3. The third was Breast Cancer

The risk factors are summarized in questions Dr oz asked about how much red meat you eat, how much you exercise, and how much processed foods do you eat, and what cancers are related to eating red meats, exercise, taking aspirin, obesity, your blood type, and having a colonoscopy.

Dr Oz Colon Cancer Risk Factors

know what Dr Oz and Kathleen Wolin listed as the 3 Cancer Risks And how to reduce the risks of these cancers. Cancer Facts That Affect Your Cancer Risk For 3 Leading Cancers

Factors that Increase Risk Of Colon Cancer
Eating 3 or more servings of red meat a week
Drinking 3 or more alcoholic beverages a day
Currently smoking
Being obese
Being taller than 5′7″

Factors that Decrease Risk Of Colon Cancer

Using birth control pills for at least 5 years
Taking aspirin (325 mg tablet) 4 to 6 times a week
Eating more than 3 servings of milk or dairy products a day
Taking a daily multivitamin that contains vitamin B6, calcium, magnesium and folate
Taking a daily vitamin D supplement
Performing 30 minutes of exercise a day
Having colon cancer screening (colonoscopy) at regular intervals
Having inflammatory bowel disease

Dr Oz Stomach Cancer

Factors That Increase Risk Of Stomach Cancer
Eating a high salt diet such (canned, processed, frozen and preserved meats)
Eating 3 or more servings of red meat a week
Eating at restaurants or fast food places
Having type A, A+ or A- blood
Being a smoker
Not taking treatment for Helicobacter pylori stomach ulcers

Factors that Decrease Risk of Stomach Cancer

Eating a Diet High In Fruits And Vegetables
Keeping salt intake under 6000 mg a day (or sodium under 2300 mg a day)

Dr Oz Breast Cancer Risk

Factors That Increase Risk Of Breast Cancer
Having a family history or breast cancer
Being taller than 5′7″
Getting first period younger than 11 or older than 15
Having a first child when older than 35 or younger than 20
Currently using birth control pills
Using hormone replacement therapy for more than 5 years
Of Jewish ancestry
Drinking more than one alcoholic drink a day
Having a BMI greater than 27
Testing positive for the BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene mutation
Having a history of atypical hyperplasia a type of benign breast disease

Factors that Decrease Risk Of Breast Cancer

Breastfeeding for one year or more
Eating a diet that includes monounsaturated fats over saturated fat
Performing more than 3 hours of physical activity a week
Birthing more than 2 children
Taking drugs that block estrogen (Tamoxifen and Raloxifene)
Taking the vitamin folate if you are a moderate alcohol drinker

Dr Oz And Rick Mahorn Weight Loss Program

Rick Mahorn NBA Champion asked Dr Oz for his help today. After leaving his NBA career and getting married and having kids, Rick got off track. Rick comes from a long line of family heart disease and he wants to break that cycle. He lost his Mom, Sister and Nephew to heart Disease.

Rick's Numbers In the Truth Tube;
Rick Mahorn is 6'10"
Weight was 392 pounds
BMI was 41
B/P 142/108
Creatinine 1.4

Mahorn was drafted 35th overall by the Washington Bullets in the 1980 NBA Draft. His career ended in 1999.
Washington Bullets (1980–1985)
Detroit Pistons (1985–1989)
Philadelphia 76ers (1989–1991)
Virtus Roma (1991–1992)
New Jersey Nets (1992–1996)
Detroit Pistons (1996–1998)
Philadelphia 76ers (1999)

Dr Oz brought out John Salley to get Rick Mahorn onto a healthy lifestyle Plan. John Salley became a Vegetarian back in 91, and working on being a Vegan, and always working on being in shape.

John Salley said he wants to help save Rick's life with his weight loss intervention, and be his coach in his 3 Step Action Plan. He started off by telling Rick to start of the day with at least on green meal.

Dr Oz John Salley's 3 Step Plan

Now you get back in the game with NBA star John Salley’s Back to the Glory Days Action Plan. Your glory days don’t have to be a thing of the past. Get back in shape. Get back to being your best self. Follow this Dr Oz 3-step plan John Salley lives by.

Step 1: Go Green
Commit to eating at least one green meal a day. Select high-quality leafy greens and lots of colorful vegetables. A good green meal is high in fiber and antioxidants, and will help you feel better, lose weight, and boost your mood.

John Salley’s Favorite Go-Green Salad

Salad ingredients: kale, baby spinach, beets, heirloom tomatoes, white onions, persian cucumbers, avocado, sweet chili peppers and chia seeds (mood boosters)
Dressing ingredients: olive oil and balsamic vinegar. John Salley was very specific on the kale in his green salad, it has more beta carotene, 10 times more than in carrot's or broccoli.

Dr. Oz’s Go-Green Suggestions

Spinach Raspberry Flax Seed Oil Shake
Dr. Oz’s Green Drink

Step 2: Binge Prevention

Then John Salley said soak your nuts, which had everyone laughing. Dr Oz soaks his nuts, He soaks his nuts and soon you will soak your nuts too. It takes the enzyme off so you can digest them, and John carries around his own sea salt around everywhere.

Depriving yourself of snacks between meals is the easiest way to sabotage a healthy diet. Instead of starving yourself and reaching for the easiest available empty-calorie snack, opt for sustainability. Fuel your body throughout the day. Don’t go more than 2-3 hours without eating a meal or snack. This will speed up your metabolism and prevent binge-eating. Eat 3 healthy meals and 2-3 healthy snacks a day.

John Salley's Favorite Healthy Snacks

Apple slices with real peanut butter
Low-fat granola
Vegetables with hummus
Walnuts and almonds (soaked in water; soaking makes them easier to digest)
Blue corn tortilla chips and fresh low-sodium salsa

Step 3: Posture Perfect
Try pilates. Pilates is low-impact, and helps to strengthen your core and tone your muscles. It is a rewarding way to ease into an everyday exercise program.

In addition to these lifestyle changes, make sure to add 45 minutes of cardio to your day. Sweat off those old habits and get yet another step closer to reliving your glory days now.

Dr Oz How Old Is Your Hair

Daily stress, styling, diet and genetics are just some of the factors that determine the health of your hair.

Dr. Oz tells you how to undo years of wear and tear with these hair-repair remedies. Depending on your lifestyle and genetics, your hair may be older than you think. Today Dr Oz did the hair test and had some secret solutions to healthy hair. The food that Dr Oz said was good for your hair is salmon. Salmon has Omega 3's in it, and the top food for damaged hair was banana's, mashed banana's to be exact. Smooth puree of banana's turns out to be a very effective home remedy.

So the fun begins as Dr Oz applies puree'd banana's to the hair to the two ladies from the studio audience, and then the ladies lathered up Dr. Oz's hair with the mashed banana's. Set the timer he says for 15 minutes, and the potassium in the banana's helps soothes damaged hair.

Dr Oz Carpal Tunnel Therapies

Dr. Oz explains the causes of carpal tunnel syndrome and solutions to ease the pain.

If you work with your hands every day you are at risk for carpal tunnel syndrome. Dr Oz goes on to say carpal tunnel syndrome can be caused by Rheumatoid arthritis (RA), by diabetes, pregnancy, obesity, big breasts, all these risk factors can make it worse. Two reasons why carpal tunnel can happen are, one the tunnel itself gets smaller, and what's in the tunnel gets bigger.

One solution Dr Oz used on stage for Carpal Tunnels syndrome was a Paraffin Wax Bath. The paraffin coats the hand and seals in the moisture and the warmth.

The second solution he tried was with a technique called a Wrist Guard that will keep your arm in a very comfortable position, or you can put on at night. Dr Oz says these are both very effective.

We also found out today that June 11th is Dr. Oz's Birthday and Dr Oz will be 50 Years Old. And the one food for health Dr Oz eats every day is Walnuts.