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Small Pox; Cankles; Ingrid Hoffman
The scary reality of Small Pox as a weapon of mass destruction. Cankles: 3 ways you can get rid of ankle fat. Games: "Eat This Beat That: Hair After 40 Edition" and Food Network's Ingrid Hoffman's favorite recipe with half the fat. Col. Randy Larsen; Dr. Bonnie Arguilla.

Dr Oz The Next Bioterror Weapon Is Coming Smallpox

The Apocalyptic Virus that's keeping the experts up at night; Smallpox is the perfect Bioterror weapon, it's devastating, deadly and easily spread. Dr Oz explains the onset of the smallpox virus symptoms - You wake up feeling tired, achy, you have a fever, it feels like the flu, then a day or two later a mysterious rash appears on your mouth and your tongue. Within 24 hours this rash starts to spread over your entire body puss pilled lesions, and suddenly your fighting for your life.

There has not been a naturally occurring documented case since October 26, 1977, In 1980, the World Health Organization recommended that all countries stop their vaccination program. The Variola virus only infects humans and is spread by human-to-human contact, Smallpox disease has a high mortality rate, killing about 1/3 or 30% of people infected with the Variola virus. The virus is inhaled; once in the lungs, it multiplies and spreads via the bloodstream to the skin, intestines, kidneys and brain. Symptoms including fever chills, nausea, vomiting, headache and backache begin about 1 week after exposure. Inside the body smallpox affects the brain, lungs and kidneys.

Smallpox rash forms a blister and pus filled, pimple-like sores called pustules. The rash appears about 2 weeks after infection, and at this point, the patient is highly contagious. The Smallpox virus causes lesions that start in the mouth and then spread to the face, arms, legs and torso.

Col. Randall Larsen says there are only two laboratories in the world that have the smallpox virus: the Center of Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia and the State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology in Koltsovo, Russia. But the existence of a stockpile in other countries is really unknown.

Dr Oz asks Col. Randy larsen the million dollar question, who has access to the smallpox virus and turn it into a bioterror weapon. Dr Larsen said they really don't know the answer to that question, supposedly there are samples in Atlanta and one in Russia. Unfortunately in the 1970's and the 1980's the Soviet Military got samples of the smallpox virus Variola virus and turned it into weapons. The Soviets made tons of the Variola virus they had it loaded in missiles aimed at the United States during the war.

Col. Larsen said "We don't know where all that is right now. The World Health organization Program never got in to North Korea during the eradication program so we don't know where it all is." Dr oz questioned Col larsen a video with Dr Oz that was very unsettling on how unsecure some of these biological agents really are. Col Larsen said (Then)Senator Obama visited facilities in Russia and he was shocked. There's Anthrax, Plague, Tularemia and there's barely a padlock on the doors to these facilities in Russia. Every facility they went to they use cans of peas with test tubes in them of these most deadly pathogens in the world.

Dr oz said he was scared about the most is that you don't actually have to have the smallpox virus sample, someone could create it from raw materials.

Dr Oz And Dr. Bonnie Arguilla Smallpox Vaccination

Dr. Bonnie Arguilla says getting the smallpox vaccine within 4 days of a smallpox outbreak gives you a fighting chance against the virus. Vaccination within 4-5 days of getting exposed may not totally prevent the disease but it will lessen the severity of it and certain lower the risk of death. Some studies have shown that dilution of our national available vaccine stockpile would not inhibit its effectiveness in treating the virus and it would increase the number of doses by 10 fold. Additionally, there is ongoing research looking at improving and increasing our national stockpile of vaccines, as well as developing antiviral drugs and immunotherapy to kill the virus and treat the disease.

Dr. Oz Are You Prepared For The Next BioTerrorist Attack

Bio-Terrorism; Dr. oz talks on Medical Terrorist Attacks - The 3 Biological Weapons We Should Fear The Most. What To Do Now To Prepare And Protect Your Family.

CNN: Imact of Smallpox Outbreak On NYC.

Dr Oz Cankles And Fluid Retention

What's Causing Your Cankles? nicknamed, "cankles," or calf-ankles, may be indicative of a number of health issues. Dr Oz talks about Cankles, where the calf merges directly with the ankle. Janie goes to the gym, exercises, eats right but to no avail. Her whole family is plagued by cankles which is hereditary says Dr Oz.

Dr Oz goes how to explain why some people have cankles, there are 3 major reasons.

1. Why Fat Can Cause Cankles: Pregnancy and french fries because you are retaining fluid. If you accumulate fat cells, these fat cells will become engorged and put an extra layer of tissue over those ankles and you won't see those bones under there nearly as much.

2. If your not born with cankles but develop them over time your heart and kidneys can be causing this. Dr Oz says if you don't have the right motion of fluid through the body you will accumulate it, and gravity will drive the excess fluid left over because your heart can't pump it forward where your kidneys are holding on to it in your ankles.

Dr Oz tells us to push on our ankles to see if there is an indentation, if it stays it's called pitting edema. If you have heart failure or kidney issues the fluid will pit like that.

He went to say what can help with cankles and talked on salt and fluid. If you eat a lot of salt the reason you get a lot of swelling in the body is that the salt holds on to the water and sucks it into you and won't let go of it. The way get rid of the salt the body is holding on to is to eat Parsley which is a natural diuretic. Dr Oz also recommended Horse chestnut supplements for retaining fluid.

Dr oz explained to there is a new procedure called liposuction of the ankle. Dr Oz says the operation to get rid of the hereditary cankles is simple enough to have done, but the problem is it costs 6000.00.

Dr Oz's one dollar solution for cankles was jump rope to build up the calf muscles. When you build up the calf muscles the proportions shift so you actually see a definition between the calf and the ankle.

Dr Oz Graying Thinning And Brittle Hair

Gray thinning brittle hair the common complaints for women over 40, the fix for your hair is in your fridge. The Dr Oz Eat This Beat That Hair Over 40 Edition.

1. Food that change the colour of your hair - Avocado's
2. Food for sparse thinning hair could be from an iron deficiency, and hormonal changes in women over 40 can also be a cause. A food source of iron for thinning hair are raisins.
3. Food for coarse hair - Blackeye peas are a protein rich food that promotes smooth shiny hair.

Dr Oz And Ingrid Hoffmann Recipes

Ingrid Hoffman's Better By Half recipes made the Dr oz Show today. Cuban Mini Burgers Recipe made with half the beef, the other half of the recipe was with ground turkey. Ingrid's Broccoli Slaw Recipe, the mayo was replaced by half with greek yogurt, and there were some delicious looking Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies Recipe on the table as well where half the sugar was replaced with applesauce.