Dr Oz Cancer Symptom Checklist | 3 Silent Cancers That Kill Women

Dr Oz Risk Factors And Symptoms Of The Silent Cancers Checklist

Dr Oz Monday May 3rd - Silent Cancers That Kill Women
Risk factors that make women susceptible to silent cancers. 3 beauty secrets from around the world. Games: “Kitchen Cures” and “Hidden Salt Shockers.”
With: Dr. Ilana Cass; Shalini Vadhera. There are 3 cancers that are particularly tricky to diagnose early – ovarian, pancreatic and esophageal cancer.

Dr Oz Silent Killer Checklist

The silent cancer symptoms you must know was the first topic of discussion today on Dr Oz. Dr Ilana Cass joins Dr Oz along with Jocelyn who had Ovarian cancer, Lori diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, and Patricia diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer.

Dr Oz shared with a cancer symptom checklist which you will see below on the silent symptoms that lead to the deadliest cancers in women. These silent killers kill your body from within, by the time you finally notice the symptoms your fate is sealed. Early detection to these cancers used to be nearly impossible but doctors are starting to recognize the subtle signals of cancers that up until now have gone unnoticed and glossed over or simply misdiagnosed. Identifying these little whispers could mean life saving early treatment.

Dr Oz Ovarian Cancer Warning Signs And Symptoms

Jocelyn was 31 when diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer and said none of her symptoms told her what was going on, but looking back she was bloating for about a year. She was trying to get pregnant at the time but wasn't and looked about 4 months pregnant from the bloating, and she had to go to the bathroom a lot.

Jocelyn went to her specialist to see why she couldn't get pregnant and she did a vaginal ultrasound and saw a black mass, and realized it was Endometriosis, then realized it was cancer when she went to take it out.

Dr Cass And Dr Oz lists the secret signs of Ovarian Cancer


1. Bloating is the number one symptom for Ovarian cancer
2. Feeling full quickly
3. Abdominal pain
4. Pelvic Pain
5. Frequent and urgent urination

Dr Ilana Cass said the new onset of any of these symptoms especially if they are persistent can be associated with Ovarian Cancer. If one can recognize these symptoms a diagnosis can be made earlier with the appropriate tests. Jocelyn now has two children since being diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer.

Dr Oz Pancreatic Cancer Warning Signs And Symptoms

Dr Ilana Cass says the problem with Pancreatic Cancer is often times diagnosed it's already fairly advanced spread and metastasized and there is very little that can be done. So being alert to the signs and symptoms of Pancreatic Cancer is crucial to catching it early.

Lori joined Dr Oz and Dr Cass and told her story of seeing 3 physicians and each one telling her there was nothing wrong with her. Lori had a debilitating back pain and losing weight. The 1st doctor said she had gas and take an enema, the 2nd doctor said she pulled a muscle exercising, and was now turning jaundice. They kept saying nothing was wrong and she insisted on more tests even if she had to pay for it. She had a scan and diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. Lori had the Whipple Surgery(pancreaticoduodenectomy), has had complications but is doing very well and continuing to fight the disease.

Dr Cass And Dr Oz lists the secret signs of Pancreatic Cancer


1. Back pain
2. Jaundice turning yellow
3. Fat in stool or pale colored stool - Your poop will become a white colour and float - Check you bowel movements
4. Weight loss
5. Nausea

Dr Oz says these are subtle signs and nobody else is going to be checking the colour of your stools, and doctors need to know.

Dr Oz Warning Signs And Symptoms Esophageal Cancer

Esophageal Cancer(Barrett esophagus) effects over 3 million people

The esophagus is the tube that runs from your throat to the stomach. Chewed and swallowed food travels down the tube, eventually passing through a ring of sphincter muscle before entering the acid-rich stomach. Normally this muscle remains contracted and tight to keep acidic stomach contents from moving upwards. But if the sphincter pressure is lax, acid can come into contact with the sensitive lining of the esophagus. While occasional heartburn can be uncomfortable, it is unlikely that it will cause cancer. But up the ante and the constant assault of acid flowing backwards that is typical of untreated gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), can seriously damage the cells of the esophagus. Over time, the erosion takes it toll and the cells of the esophagus become abnormal (Barrett esophagus) putting a person at risk for cancer.

Patricia joined Dr Oz and Dr Cass, her story was of serious weight gain and developed acid reflux. She always had some acid reflux but acid she gained more weight it became quite acute and constantly on medications to control it. Patricia had a Endoscopy, and a procedure done called Halo 360 (a balloon device) by Dr Jose martinez. It is a cutting edge procedure done for Barrett esophagus where it placed around the esophagus.

Dr Cass And Dr Oz lists the secret signs of Esophageal Cancer


1. Difficulty swallowing
2. Indigestion
3. Chest Pain
4. Weight Loss

Dr Ilana Cass and Dr Oz go over the risk factors of the silent cancers. Dr oz gave the studio audience a quiz on the risk factors for both Ovarian and Esophageal cancers. The answer was obesity, Dr Cass says the reason obesity has been associated with Esophageal cancer is the increased weight can make more pressure and that makes that acid reflux process more common, it is literally splashing that acid fluid up to the esophagus and making some of those changes of pre cancer cells.

With Ovarian cancer it could be the hormone regulation that is off in patients that over weight and specifically they may have more estrogen and that may lead to an increase risk of ovarian cancer. Other risk factors for Ovarian cancer are cancer history on both parents sides. Cancers in a first degree relative, and if cancer occurs at a young age of under 50. This can significantly increase your risk of cancer. Dr Cass and Dr Oz says know your history from both sides.

Risk factors for Pancreatic cancer are smoking and African American Ethnicity.

Taking oral contraceptives for 5 years can reduce your chance of Ovarian Cancer. Dr Cass the hormones in birth control pills regulate the hormones with think on the ovary it especially seems to be the progestin (a synthetic version of the naturally-occurring hormone progesterone) which is one of the ingredients in birth control pills. This seems to have a beneficial impact on the ovary and the decrease the risk of Ovarian Cancer.

Dr Oz 3 Beauty Secrets From Around the world

Shalini Vadhera Author of Passport To Beauty joins Dr Oz with 3 beauty secrets that are as close as your refrigerator.

Stronger nails, shinier hair and fresher skin

The first beauty secret comes from the Dominican Republic and it was garlic and is used for strengthening the nails, and long healthy nails. Take crushed garlic and mix it in with your clear nail polish and let it stew for 7 to 10 days, then when you polish your nails they will be harder than acrylic nails.

The second beauty secret was from Spain - Women from Spain use Cranberry Juice to give them their shiny rich hair. Just spritz it on your hair, it gives it a slight red pigmentation, the fruit acids lighten the hair, but if your blonde use lemon juice or you might end up with pink hair.

The third beauty secret comes from Chile - In Chile women use grapes and flour as a facial mask and is great for fatigued skin. Crush some grapes, add a couple tablespoons of flour, leave it on for about ten minutes and you will have amazing looking skin.

Ester and Dr Oz got to experience the grape facial mask and looked like they were having a good time.

Dr Oz Hidden Salt Shockers

Salt is an essential nutrient for muscle and nerve function, but Dr Oz says to much salt is not a good thing. Dr Oz reveals how much sodium is in your favourite foods. High blood pressure causes heart disease, stroke, the leading cause of death in this country. The recommended daily dose of sodium is 2300 milligrams per day.

1. Cottage cheese contains 900 milligrams of salt. Dr oz reminds everyone again today that when something is low fat sodium is added to make it taste better. A serving of yogurt only has 150 milligrams of sodium and 1 ounce of swiss cheese only has 50 milligrams.

2. Frozen Dinners - How much salt is in a frozen turkey gravy dinner - there is 800 mg of salt in it. Dr oz says be careful when these say light which means less calories and less fat, it doesn't mean less salt.

3. Restaurant Meals something as simple as Sesame Chicken and Rice. This chicken dish while eating out has 3060 mg of salt in it.