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Dr Oz Thyroid Cancer

The fastest growing cancer in women is Thyroid Cancer. So the next time you need an X ray insist on a lead apron with a thyroid guard to protect yourself against radiation.

Dr Oz Self Exam For Thyroid Cancer

Unlock the power of Noni Fruit, a 32 ounce bottle of Noni Juice costs about $18 and can be found online and Health Food Stores.

Dr. Audrey Kunin has developed a wrinkle fighting lotion using Noni fruit (Dr Audrey Kunin Noni Wrinkle Lotion) full of polyphenols that helps build collagen. – Dr Oz and Chris Kulham says Noni Fruit has potent anti aging properties that can help you look younger and live longer too.

Noni For The Heart
Noni For The Pancreas
Noni For Joint Pain

Dr Oz Noni Fruit

Dr Oz 4 Dollar Store Anti Aging Secrets

Look for a moisturizer with the key ingredient ascorbic acid at the dollar store to help rebuild your collagen.

The dollar store solution was vitamin C moisturizer at the dollar store. Look for ascorbic acid on the ingredient list. Dr Kunin said she found some of the top brands in the dollar store. Use the vitamin C moisturizer once in the morning and that should do it and build collagen.

Temporary Lip Plumper to keep the fat in the lips.
Ginseng tea bags for crows feet.
Pumpkin pie filling for smooth skin - Pumpkin contains an amazing natural fruit acid, alpha hydroxy acid which is going to help smooth the skin.

Dr Oz Dollar Store Anti Aging Secrets